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  • How to Set Up a VPN on Boxee

D-link Boxee Box VPN Setup Guide

  1. Connect to your boxee box and the home screen will load.
  2. Open the navigation menu by pressing the “options” button on the remote control.
  3. Using the Up arrow on the remote control, select the settings icon which looks like a small gear. A “cog”
  4. Select the “network” icon by using the Right arrow on the remote control. Press OK.
  5. Press the Down arrow to highlight “VPN”

— Connection type – pptp (default)
— Server – Enter the server name or IP (Click Here for server location)
— Account – Enter your VPN username

There are two formats for usernames and they are NOT interchangeable. Please see the “details” under your active services via the portal to see your correct username.

Format 1: username@witopia (notice that there is no .net at the end)
Format 2: W\your@email.com (the W \ must be present)

— Password – Enter your VPN password
— Encryption required – check. If unable to connect, try with encryption off by unchecking it.